Your Next Best Friend! 
Welcome, you must be in search of a new puppy!  Here at Charpentier's Labradors we strive to produce quality genetically sound puppies. Our goal is producing the best possible family member and hunting dog. If your searching for an upland hunter, waterfowl retriever and or shed antler dog.  Not only will they excel at any of the above you will also get what we believe is the most important.  A great family member! If this is your very first puppy or your 5th puppy we take great pride and care in providing you with your next best friend!! If your looking for a family/hunting dog please also see our testimonial page and our facebook page.  Thanks for taking the time to visit our website!
    We believe strongly in bringing your puppy home at a young age.   From this day forward you will form a strong bond. This bond is the base foundation for training and socializing your puppy.  As most all Labrador owners know once you form a bond the loyalty of the Labrador is truly what makes them so unique and special.
They become your best friend!